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Julie Riemersma is a Toronto based fashion photographer who shoots everything from editorials to commercial spreads, and her own art photography. We met about a year ago through some mutual friends in the fashion industry, and I got Julie to shoot my SS18 Lookbook right here in Toronto. As with all of her work, the results were gorgeous. I got to chat with Julie about the perks and pitfalls of creative work, her everyday inspiration and Toronto’s distinct style. Click through to read more!

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Credit: Dahlia Katz

I receive emails proposing different events and collaborative opportunities on a regular basis. But this January I was contacted about something that stood out as an idea I could really get behind.

A Toronto based opera company called The Bicycle Opera Project would be running a production called _SWEAT_ this summer. The piece is based on sweatshop workers who are struggling to form a union with dreams of a better life. The company itself is incredibly innovative. Each summer they launch a new production, touring by bicycle. Their aim is to make opera more accessible. They sing in English and present contemporary material. Their idea was to partner with a Toronto based ethical clothing company to create a cross-promotion.

As a constant supporter and member of Fashion Revolution, I was sold. Fashion Revolution is a global organization that aims to make the fashion industry more sustainable and ethical by valuing people, the environment, creativity and profit in equal measure.

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The Coleanthus Cardigan 3/4 Sleeve in blue tweed is modern and classic all at the same time. Made of a funky blue tweed with little flecks of chartreuse green, this cardi is going to be your best friend going into spring and summer. It’s got all the coverage you need to make your summer tanks and dresses work-appropriate, and because it’s made of a cotton blend, it’s super breathable so you won’t overheat! It’s also available in several colours of lush bamboo blend. Scroll down to see three ways we styled this great piece.

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I had been trying to get back to Vancouver Island for about 10 years, but it just wasn’t in the cards.  Memories from family trips across Canada included winding mountain roads, vast expanses of shell littered beaches and enchanted forests.  Everything sort of blended together in my mind and it wasn’t until last summer that I was finally able to rediscover the  wonder and beauty that is Vancouver Island.

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As you have probably seen, I recently launched my Spring/ Summer 2017 collection. It’s been 10 months in the making and I’m always excited when I get to share the projects I’ve been working on. By taking some of my classic designs and updating them- and adding eye-catching splashes of colour- I feel like this collection is a really great reflection of my design aesthetic and philosophy.

There are so many steps involved in making a clothing collection from concept to creation, and each one comes with its own set of challenges. In this post I wanted to outline the different phases I go through every time I design for a new season. Scroll down or click the ‘Read More’ link to see all of the steps I take to turn an idea into a well-rounded, appealing collection.

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The Barite Tunic tunic is your winter solution to minimalist layering. Its composed of 100% Canadian-milled Cotton, and is available in both patterned purple and grey. With short sleeves, mid-thigh length and stylish accent panel, Barite has just enough attitude to spice up your looks. Its also on sale online! Click the Read More link to see three ways we styled this tunic for both casual and work settings.

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The Calcite Cardigan is available in solid purple or grey, as well as patterned versions like this one. Its comfy fit and knit structure make it incredibly cozy. As an added bonus, it is made of 100% Canadian-made Cotton, which is a great alternative for those of you who want to stay warm this winter without the irritation of wool. Its also on sale online right now!Scroll down to see three ways we’ve styled this classic cardigan for work and play.

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