In March I posted some photos from my 2016 trip to Vancouver Island, chronicling our adventures and my helter skelter mission to make it around the island. Today, I wanted to share a little about a side-adventure I went on when amidst the craziness of visiting old clients and seeing the sights. Its always tough to balance out work and play on vacation, but when I heard about Avatar Grove, I had to go check it out!

First things first, we had to make time for shop visits. It was so nice to finally meet Erin from be Solely Canadian in Courtenay, Mara from Ecotopia in Sidney and Lorna & Bill from Hemp & Company in Victoria. What an absolute pleasure to be able to touch base with these entrepreneurs, all while exploring an area as beautiful and exciting as Vancouver Island.



Marc & I have been doing a fair bit of travelling within Canada since we got together but exploring the island was really a departure from the hustle and bustle of Toronto to which we’ve become accustomed. Driving through the various cities and towns, we couldn’t help but check real estate prices along the way and dream of what our lives would be like if we could make the escape out west.

The diversity of the island was astounding.  To be sure, we only got to see a small sample of what lies out there. Though the variety of beaches were the initial draw, the nooks of old growth forest turned out to be the most enchanted and inspiring.

I’m wearing the Anemone Tunic in white and grey stripe.

These old forests have a way of making you feel pretty small. The scale of everything in this landscape is breathtaking. Its also interesting to see how the province maintains all of the parks in a way that prevents the steps or guardrails from interfering too much with the scenery.

I couldn’t identify exactly what species this is, but it appears to be some kind of bracket fungus. They thrive on the dead plant material inside the trunk of the host tree, and the only visible portion is the ‘fruiting body’, which acts as the reproductive part of the organism. This type of fungi is also known as a ‘shelf fungus’ or a ‘conk’. It just goes to show that the flora and fauna of Canada is truly varied and wonderful!

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