Say hello to the Ursus Top, your new best friend for fall. This luxe Merino Wool top is lightweight yet warm, which makes it perfect for layering with all your favourite outerwear pieces. Ursus comes in many colours, and we’ve styled it 3 different ways so you can rock key autumnal looks while decked out in traffic-stopping red.


The Ursus Top‘s subtle luster means you can dress it up or down with ease. For the office, pair it with a classic pencil skirt, a long pendant, and statement shoes. Keep your colour palette simple by using one neutral and one bright shade. This will give your look a punch of colour so you can project both elegance and attitude.

Clockwise from top left: pendant necklace by Torched StudioUrsus Top by Jennifer Fukushima, red wedges by Fluevog Shoes, grey skirt by Twiss & Weber, grey handbag by Matt & Nat.


Use the warm red of the Ursus Top to play up a patterned jacket, vest, or sweater this autumn. As you stroll through the park or attend an outdoor concert, your many colours will echo the stunning fall foliage. You can be in tune with the seasons even in the heart of the city.

Clockwise from top left: Ursus Top by Jennifer Fukushima, black boots by Fluevog Shoes, Nudie Jeans, wallet by Matt & Nat available at Fresh Collective.


Need an outfit for that upcoming dinner party? The Ursus Top comes to the rescue once more. Tuck it into a sumptuously patterned miniskirt for a polished silhouette. With a few accessories- including a hostess gift, of course- your look will be the perfect balance of comfort and flair.

Clockwise from top left: Ursus Top by Jennifer Fukushima, burfurtART silver necklace available at Fresh Collective, clutch by Matt & Nat, skirt by Mandala Design.

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