My ever popular Ursus Top is back, so if you’ve been kicking yourself for not picking up another colour in this classic and timeless piece, now is your chance!  Read on for ideas on how to style yourself for any occasion . . .

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At the end of every production cycle, there’s bound to be a bunch of fabric scraps leftover. Because part of my design philosophy is to create less waste, I find this part challenging. I’m always looking for ways to use the scrap fabric. I’ve come up with a few good options – like cutting strategically so the remainder is big enough to use for accessories – but the hunt is always on for crafty ways to use the extra bits.  For this DIY, I’ve used scraps left over from my Shibori Tie Dye Collection.  The variations in tone create a beautiful variegated look.

The act of crafting is always entertaining, however the most satisfying DIY projects to me are the ones that are cute AND functional. That’s why the idea of turning some jersey scraps into a coil mat is so attractive. This DIY requires minimal tools and as long as you can braid, you can complete this project. To see more, click the Read More link.

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In March I posted some photos from my 2016 trip to Vancouver Island, chronicling our adventures and my helter skelter mission to make it around the island. Today, I wanted to share a little about a side-adventure I went on when amidst the craziness of visiting old clients and seeing the sights. Its always tough to balance out work and play on vacation, but when I heard about Avatar Grove, I had to go check it out!

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My favourite tunic – the Paralomis – is now available in Red Shibori. I think this fiery hue is perfect for the heat of summer, and the various shibori techniques used for the fabrics I chose are utterly entrancing. If red isn’t your colour, its also available in black, indigo and teal! Click the Read More link to see a few ways I styled this spicy and versatile piece!

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Another stop off during our adventure around Vancouver Island was this beautiful and dramatic logged area. As we made our way across from Port Renfrew to meet with the owners of be Solely Canadian in Courtenay, it became apparent that Google Maps hadn’t taken into consideration the condition of the roads (very winding), or the speed at which one must travel due to all the sharp, sudden turns and single-lane bridges. Though we were running behind, I couldn’t resist stopping to take some photos at this picturesque location.

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